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4561, rue Parthenais

Montréal QC H2H 2G8


Tel. +1 514 830 1896

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Direction - Consultation - Training - Animation - Conference

As a trainer, I design and conduct a workshop tailored to equip participants with practical tools in order to be more efficient and how to take actions in their working environment. For a more in-depth workshop, I design some sessions with other professionals in their respective field and invit them also to co-animate with me in order to enhance the content of the workshop;

As a consultant, I can help arts organizations to develop the marketing strategy of their productions and establish a long term plan to disseminate nationally and internationnally. Also, I can help resolve conflicts, strengthen teams, analyzing the organizational climate and develop and internal structure with competency profiles to better support the arts organisation tour developments;

As a facilitator, I lead roundtables and direct guest panelists to stimulate the discussions and to enhance exchanges among panelists and participants;

And as a speaker, talking about the profession of arts manager/agent and give an overview of the public funding in Canada for the performing arts.