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4561, rue Parthenais

Montréal QC H2H 2G8


Tel. +1 514 830 1896

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Dear Denis, on behalf of CINARS, I would like to thank you for animating the round table discussion “Efficient promotional tools in the new era of viral marketing”

- Alain Paré, President/CEO, CINARS, February 2010

In the position of Contract Manager / Production Coordinator of the Festivals, Denis Bergeron has always shown, in the past 5 years, dedication, leadership and discernment in many many different projects, sometime challenging, that he had to deal with.

- François Bérubé, Vice-President Production, Montreal International Jazz Festival, july 2006

Denis Bergeron has given to the Production Department satisfaction… has shown his human and professional qualities… holding the best note in punctuality… he is someone who would represent and defend the vision and gold of its employers. Without doubt, we must acknowledge his sense of initiative and ability to work with the team.

- Gilbert Grondin, Director of Production, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, April 2001

I always felt that I could be very honest and candid with him [Denis Bergeron]. I also felt that he understood our position as the presenter in negotiations with management on key issues. Denis was always efficient and on top of all touring issues. I really trusted him. He is one of the best. He has outstanding abilities in every one of the qualifications listed.

Laura Burkhart, General Manager Dance St.Louis, April 2001

On behalf of Barry Cole, Executive Director of the McPherson Foundation and Wendy Vernon, President of the Greater Victoria DanceWorks Association, I want to thank you for moderating our community forum on September 28, 1997… your role as facilitator was instrumental in keeping the group focused on this agenda… you were able to drew attention to the Center’s role and mandate to animate the dance community throughout British Columbia… thank you again for your valuable contribution…

Douglas. D. Durand, Producer, The Victoria Dance Series, November 1997

Denis Bergeron has been promoted many times before holding the position of Assistant-Director of Operations. His tasks required the quality of coordinator, motivator and communicator in addition to his quality of negotiator in ship supplies, fuel purchasing and office services. I know its commitment at work and the seriousness he applied in his tasks. Challenges do not scare him and he applies its time and effort to achieve them. . His enthusiasm and his good spirit makes him a person qualified to work with the team.

Daniel Falaise, Vice President, Saguenay Shipping Ltd, March 1989

Denis Bergeron has studied at our school for five years and has been a scholarship holder in our semi-professional program in the last years of his training. In all those years, he was appreciated by his attitude towards the teachers with his vitality and his implication in different tasks when preparing the school performances. His interest for the performing arts is without doubt from our view, an asset for the dance community of Québec..

Caroline Salbaing, Executive Director, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, March 1989